Alaa M Mohammed

Alaa M. Mohammed :


Alaa M. Mohammed joined August 2019 till present Coordinating meetings between international partners and political, security forces, PMU, armed groups leaders. Also Alaa plays a role in establishing contacts for the area that would require the NGO presence then reporting to HQ. Plus Arranging logistics and providing weekly reports from the two focal points of Promediation/Iraq weekly. He plays as a representative (Project manager deputy) for Promediation in international conferences. Also, he provides advice and consultancy to the team. Working on logistics and operations security in Iraq.

Alaa was graduated from the department of English linguistics and literature in the college of Arts, University of Mosul in 2003. Alaa has a wide experience in security field of expertise. Before joining Promediation, Alaa worked as a journalist with many agencies like Reuters, AFP and was in New York Times a staff journalist since 2015. Bylines can be found in NYT under the name of Alaa Mohammed. Before that time, Alaa worked as an English teacher/trainer in Nineveh province.