Mohamed Zakria Yahya Mater Kamon

Mohamed Zakria Yahya Mater Kamon:


Mohamed Zakria Yahya Mater Kamon graduated with honours from a degree in natural resources and environmental studies at the Juba university. He has experience in natural resources management in South Sudan (Yei) and Sudan (Blue Nile).

Being an active member of the Sudanese civil society and defender of human rights, Mohamed joined Promediation’s Sudan team in 2020 with a view to contributing to the national peace process and to supporting a sustainable transition to democracy in Sudan. Born in West Darfur, Mohamed has an in-depth knowledge of community dynamics and of the causes of conflict in Sudan. Having lived in different capitals of the Horn of Africa before returning to Sudan, he was involved in Juba from October 2019 as an observer of the peace negotiations between the transitional government of Sudan and the rebel armed movements.